Sharing not Hoarding is ‘a new and ambitious’ experimental public art project located in Dundee City Centre’s emerging Waterfront Development.

About Sharing not Hoarding

Sharing Not Hoarding is an experimental public art project located in Dundee’s Waterfront Development. It was launched in 2015 as part of the Dundee Commons Festival. The project encourages public participation in the Waterfront Development by engaging with artists and community partners to reflect on Dundee’s past, present and future development.

Using 18 4-sheet billboard posters to create a vibrant dialogue of image, text and social media interactivity, the project provides opportunities for artists and the wider public to participate in the Waterfront Development, to raise critical questions about our collective future, and to celebrate a diversity of voices and visions for the city.

The title, Sharing Not Hoarding, describes our method as well as our aim: A collaboration between On Site Projects and Nomas* Projects to develop a programme of evolving exhibitions in hospitable-critical dialogue with Dundee City Council and other Dundee-based organisations and community groups.

Together we share the city. Together we forge its future.

Our Aims

To encourage public participation in Dundee’s Waterfront Development


To foster greater collaboration between artists and the wider community


To make visible the wealth of creativity and opportunity that Dundee has to offer


Get In Touch!

Sharing not Hoarding is a collaboration between On Site Projects and Nomas* Projects and is supported by Dundee City Council. Our print and installation is managed by Street Advertising Services.

Sharing Not Hoarding would like to thank the following funders for their generous support: Dundee City Council, Place Partnership Dundee, Seedbed Christian Community Trust, Souter Charitable Trust.

For further information, please use the forwarding email below or contact us directly through our own web pages.

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